Imphal to Churachandpur Cabs – Churachandpur to Imphal Cabs

Imphal to Churachandpur Cabs – Churachandpur to Imphal Cabs: Churachandpur (CCPUR) Surrounded by small hills and narrow valleys, Churachandpur which is locally called Lamka, has a deep historical significance.

Located at a distance of approx 64 km from the capital of the state, Imphal, Churachandpur is believed to have witnessed a lot of bombarding when the Japanese entered India.

The town was then left devastated and today is visited by tourists coming from different parts of the world and considered to be the peaceful town of Manipur. To know more about Churachandpur, browse through this travel guide and learn about what Churachandpur has to offer.

CCPUR the second largest town in Manipur after Imphal, Churachandpur is one of the destinations in Manipur which is worth a visit once in a lifetime. Although the town is small it offers tourists the opportunity to take a walk and get an eye on the attractions that make Churachandpur tourism interesting. One can make a visit to the Khuga dam, which is a picnic spot in the town and is perfect to visit with friends and family. Tourists can even make a visit to the tribal museums at Tuibuong and Thangzam road which will help in learning about the history of the town and get a piece of detailed knowledge about the tribal lifestyle and antique collection that belonged to them.

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